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What is Turf Toe

A couple of weeks ago one of my buddies called me up and said that his big toe was swollen, red and hurting very badly. I asked him what he did and he told me that he injured his foot while playing in a pick-up game of backyard football a week ago. He told me he thought he had turf toe but was unaware of what the injury actually was. I had treated a hand full of patients with similar injuries and I told him that I would explain it to him.

Turf toe occurs when the ligament under the big toe is sprained causing extreme amounts of pain. The injury commonly occurs when you are running or kicking and your big toe extends back forcefully and excessively. This causes over stretching of the ligament and sometimes a fracture of the big toe bones.  An x-ray is recommended to rule out any fractures of the big toe bones. Typical symptoms include touch tenderness, pain with pulling the toe up or out, swelling, redness and even feeling of heat. As a chiropractor I have diagnosed several individuals with such an injury and have successfully treated them. If there is not a fracture the injury responds well to ice, rest, adjustments and even taping of the area.  If you would like to find out more, consult your local Chandler chiropractic clinic.

Risk Factors for Sciatica

Learning the risk factors of sciatica can help you minimize the risk of developing such issues. The sciatic nerve is made up of the nerve endings that come out of the fourth, fifth lumbar vertebrae and the first sacral nerve ending. The sciatic nerve travels down the buttocks under or through the piriformis muscles, down the back of the leg and into the foot.  Through specific orthopedic tests and knowing what area of the leg is being effected, you can trace back the origin and nerve ending that has the issue.  It has been shown that individuals that suffer from sciatic pain usually work in more manual occupations, are overweight, smoke , live sedentary lifestyles and have had previous neck or back pain.

Typical sciatic pain begins with pain that radiates into the buttocks and if not treated properly can shoot pain down in to the foot. Symptoms range from sharp, shooting, radiating, numbness, and tingling discomfort. If symptoms are not addressed and the pain continues loss of strength and muscle tone can be diminished. Chiropractors have treated sciatic pain successfully for years.  The goal is to catch the symptoms early before they become too much for conservative care. Learning risk factors, early detection and proper diagnosis can alleviate weeks and even months of low back pain. Find out more about it at

Field Service Management Software An Important Tool Required for Any Organization

Gone are the days when customers were left lurking for service from companies. The present world of business calls Customers as Kings and they are given highest priority. Every business takes effort to make their customers feel special by ensuring best service. They deploy tools and software to organize information to render flawless customer service. Few most important tools include but are not limited to Field Service Management Software, Customer Service Software, Project Management Software and lots more.

Most companies will need field workers for manual tasks such as visiting clients for after sales service or problem-fixing, meeting clients at regular intervals for getting feedback or providing introduction of new products and for some business field work is impertinent like pick-up drop services, repair services shipping services and lots more. Organizing such tasks is really important in order to ensure customer satisfaction though it is extremely complicated and cumbersome. Thus, to automate this ardent yet important task, Field Service Management Software was developed.

Any appointment given to customers that require field service is very important because it is more often an urgent requirement. The customers wait on the arrival of the service personnel and it is later than expected, not only a customer is lost but even the business will suffer a negative review. The key to avoid such blunder is by organizing the appointments in a systematic way via Field Service Software. Earlier it was done manually and had a lot of repercussions owing to human errors. With the advancement of technology, it can now be automated with Field Service Software. 

What to Give A Wine Lover, Some Practical Ideas?

There are two basic principles a gift should conform to. The first principle tells us that a gift should be able to give a heart warming feeling to the receiver.

The second principles tell us that a gift should be cost effective. Cost effective does not mean a gift should be cheap. It can’t be stressed enough that you should never buy a gift just because it is cheap. A gift should be worth the price you pay for it. For more information about Michael Asimos, you can check out via the web.

To focus on the first principle a bit, to give something that touches the receiver we should know what he or she really likes to get and which also tells a personal story. You should really do the best you can to find that special and personal gift.

Let’s take a look at what a wine lover would like to receive. Maybe you could get rare but not too expensive bottles of wine and add some food items that go well with the wine you’ve chosen. You could also add some wine accessories and have them engraved with a monogram; this would give it that extra personal touch.

Maybe we should think outside the wine bottle and look at gifts that are related to wine. You could give a lovely bottle of wine and some nice looking good quality crystal glasses. Put a lovely hand written toast on a card and you give it that personal sentiment.

A Snowboarding Shoulder Dislocation

I dislocated my shoulder while snowboarding about 10 years ago.  When I tell the story, it usually involves a detailed story of me doing a wild flip on the terrain park’s half pipe.  Truth be told, it was a little less exciting.  I had actually just finished the half pipe (no flips involved), then I stopped to wait for my friend to finish.  While stopped I lost balance and instead of going down gracefully, I landed on my elbow in what I thought was soft snow.  It wasn’t.  The pressure of my body weight pushed my shoulder out of the socket in the back.  In other words it was a posterior dislocation.

I was taken down the slope in a sled pulled by a medic on skis feeling every bump along the way.  It was a busy day at the emergency clinic on the slopes.  There were two other shoulder dislocations already there when I got in.  Both of those were anterior dislocations which are apparently more common, but harder to put back.  They got mine back in place pretty quick and as I left they were still trying to pull another guy’s back into the socket.  The shoulder hurt like crazy but I have a friend who works at the best Chandler chiropractic clinic and he helped me with the rehab.

Medical Professional Industries

Across the world are many professionals who surpass in the field of medicine and healthcare. The list is very long nevertheless the following are the most frequent as well as health care professionals that are accredited by law:

  •  Doctors;
  •  Nurses;
  •  Physical therapists;
  •  Dentists to Pharmacists.

Each of the above has unique job specifications; their areas of expertise also vary. Doctors have the most selection in the various land of healthcare specialization — cardiology, neurology, oncology, to name a few. Nursing staff, on the other hands, – this group signifies a sizable volume of medical experts and is divided into three: the registered doctor (RN), the accredited useful nurse (LPN) and the certified nurse’s aide (CNA). Nurses also specialize in several areas of health care like trauma, maternity, and surgery. Dr. Summit Shah is an allergist-immunologist in Dublin, Ohio and is affiliated with multiple hospitals in the area, including Fairfield Medical Center and Mount.

Image result for medical professional

In addition, the medical professional’s clothing is also varied, depending on their job’s demands and the environment. While some are clad in hospital scrubs, others wear lab clothes.

Hospitals have dress recommendations for their staff regarding points to wear during their shifts. Typically, it may differ by profession through an office. Today, however, modern health-related specialists are breaking from the mold when it comes to their work attire. Nursing scrubs are no longer exclusive to nursing staff, while lab coats shall no longer be entirely worn by lab experts. Dress codes are getting to be more lenient, and doctors are seen more in alternate types of nursing attire rather than traditional clinic scrubs. Scrubs have now become fashionable, stepping away from the accustomed simple color and design.

Doctors – Modern doctors’ increased preference for nursing scrubs is a huge leap from their traditional apron and the standard white color. Due to hit TELEVISION SET show SCRUBS, scrubs are now worn not simply by doctors, but also by other hospital personnel.

Healthcare professionals / Physical Therapists as well as Dentists – professionals from these groups mostly wear nursing or hospital scrubs. With the growing viewership of hospital-themed dramas such as Grey’s Anatomy, demand for fashion nursing scrubs have continually rocketed.


BMX Can Take a Toll on the Spine

I rode a lot of bikes in my day.  I started out racing BMX bikes when I was very young.  After a while I moved on to doing freestyle BMX.  That’s where we were riding on ramps like half pipes and quarter pipes.  Or spending hours in parking lots doing tricks that involve using the bike in ways that it wasn’t meant to be used.  Keep in mind that when I was doing this, freestyle was a pretty new thing.  Nowadays, bikes are built specifically for what we were doing, but back then not so much.

I have since moved on to the somewhat safer mountain bike route.  Back in the BMX days I took quite a few spills while trying to pull off different tricks.  I have the scars to prove it!  The big thing I noticed as I got older is that my back and neck started to ache.  I had quite a few falls that hurt my back and neck way back then, but it always went away.  After all…I was young and pliable!  Luckily it didn’t take me long to realize that I needed a chiropractor Chandler AZ, so I started going to ApexMedicalAZ and within a few visits I could already start to feel better.  Now the pain is completely gone!

Kiefer Sutherland enjoys cool lunch with his girlfriend

After reading the title of the write-up, you guys can guess very well how relaxed Kiefer Sutherland must be feeling this days, after ending his stint on 24.

It’s been a long journey for him as the lead character of TV’s most popular show. Naturally, the guy deserves to enjoy some special time with his ladylove.

I guess most of the fans of the star know how infamous Kiefer for being overtly insensible at parties. However, he didn’t do anything silly while dating his girlfriend, Siobhan Bonnouvrier, at an outside table in New York. In case you’re missing the hunk, then download 24 from this website.

Both of them were dressed very casually. While Bonnouvrier was in a white skirt and blouse, our beloved actor looked cool in a sweater and jeans.

You won’t believe that the actor stuck to water instead of alcohol!! Well, it seems that the star is trying to restrain one of his bad habits. If he can keep himself away from it, Bonnouvrier will surely feel happy! If you want to catch him as agent Jack Bauer, then watch 24 episodes online.

As I have mentioned earlier, the actor had a busy stint with 24 series, and there seemed to be no respite for him. He is also supposed to appear on the movie version of the show. I guess, the recent date with Bonnouvrier was a much-needed break, before he gets back to work once again!

I really find it amazing to know that he used to work the entire year, and he did it for as many as 9 years. You won’t find any other actor working 14 hours a day and that too for such a long time (in terms of years).

During his cool lunch with Bonnouvrier, even though he didn’t order alcohol, he did light up a cigarette.

Looks like old habits die hard!!

Anyway, if you want to check out all his performances, then you should stream 24 online for free. It true that the show has come to an end, but the memories of the same will always remain in the minds of the fans.

24 Actress Amy Price-Francis To Appear on Life Unexpected

I hope you guys remember Amy Price-Francis’ stint on 24 TV show.

Well, the buzz is that the actress will appear on the season 2 of The CW drama series called ‘Life Unexpected’. The new season of the engrossing show is all set to debut this September. I guess you’d like to know the role assigned to the actress from 24.

Amy will be seen as a conservative author in the upcoming season of the family drama. The storyline of ‘Life Unexpected’ traces the life of a 15-year-old girl named Lux Cassidy, who confronts her biological parents after spending her entire childhood in foster homes.

Amy Price-Francis would join the radio show run by Cate Cassidy, Lux’s biological mom. In case you want to view Amy in the shoes of Cara Bowden, then catch 24 episodes online.

The Kiefer Sutherl and starrer has mesmerized the fans for eight consecutive seasons, and ended its stint on Fox Network a few months ago.

Those who used to watch 24, will agree with the fact, that though Amy appeared for only one season, her intense performance as a ruthless conspirator, was simply outstanding.

I guess playing negative roles requires as much credentials as the lead ones. Apart from putting up a good show with her acting skills, Amy stunned the fans by accomplishing some gruesome action sequences.

If you want to trace out all her performances, then gift yourself 24 download from this website, with uninterrupted speed and videos with no distortion.

The show with the theme of anti-terrorism captured the imagination of not only Americans, but fans all-round the globe. I really liked the fictional representation of terror plots hatched by various dreaded outfits.

And Sutherland in the shoes of a federal agent Jack Bauer, reminds me of James Bond movies.

I am very excited that the movie version of the show will also feature the hunk as a strong, counter terrorism agent.

As a diehard fan of the action-packed drama show, I would like to wish Amy Price-Francis all the luck for her new project. So guys, until we get to see her in an altogether different role, let’s watch 24 episodes here on this Website and revisit previous glories.

Adolescents, Vitamin-D and Sunlight

During the past five years, the press coverage received by Vitamin D could not be eclipsed by any other vitamin. The focal point of vitamin-D write-ups in almost every case was the grownups or the older generation. Recently a new report was submitted at the American Heart Association during their conference, which demonstrates that adolescents too endure hazards such as hypertension, diabetes and insulin resistance condition, if their vitamin-D levels are negligible

A survey conducted on 3500 youngsters in the ages between twelve and nineteen concluded that that adolescents with the least vitamin-D levels in blood are susceptible to:

  • Hypertension by about 2.36 times
  • Diabetes by about 2.54 times
  • Insulin Resistance Condition by about 3.99 times

Investigators considered other factors like, age, gender, ethnic group, BMI, socio-economic conditions and physical pursuits and attuned their findings.

Vitamin-D was utmost in white people and least in people having dark skin with intermediary measures found in Mexican-Americans. Vitamin-D measures of dark skinned were only half that of white people.

According to Dr. Robert Eckel, the previous President of American-Heart-Association, the statistics collected on vitamin-D serum levels in youth provoke great anxiety as to their preferences in eating habits as well as the time spent in sunlight.

I have to concur. The conclusions arrived at on the survey is inevitable, when considering the appalling eating habits of our adolescents in combination with their aversion to be in the sun.

Ideas to make things better

  • Sunlight: Make sure that you are exposed to enough sunlight two to three times every week for about ten – twenty minutes at noon, preferably between eleven and two.
  • Nutritional Diet: I strongly support a comprehensive nutritional modification regime instead of intermittent replacements of the atrophied nutrients. Go for a diet with lots of fruits, vegetables and wholesome grains that have plenty of protein and healthy fat.
  • Eat Vitamin-D rich Meals: This is not as effortless as it seems since vitamin-D rich foodstuff is not in plenty. The number 1 resource is, of course, cod-liver oil. Salmon, tuna and sardines also have vitamin-d in plenty. Majority of milk available are strengthened by 100 international Units of vitamin-D.
  • Vitamin-Supplements: A good initiative if you can have 400 to 1000 international units in the form of a capsule or cod-liver-oil.