How to Overcome the Weaknesses of a PowerPoint Presentation

Nearby 10yrs ago, the arrival of PowerPoint technology was the 'wow' influence in presentations. It didn't take long earlier it turn into the 'yawn' factor. One of the chief reasons that has appeared from recent studies, is that over 70% of listeners said that extreme too many slides are used, there is too much text on the slides and that too many anchors stand there, analyzing their slides. The emphasis is on cramming as much information in, as possible in the time permitted. Only 10% of hearers said they have seen an outstanding PowerPoint presentation. You can ‘navigate here’ (also known as ‘naviguer ici’ in French language) to learn more about PowerPoint presentations.

Primarily, your slides cannot substitute you as the anchor. Terror of public speaking is often predictable as the No. 1 fear and for that purpose; many anchors have made their slides the effort to take the attention off themselves. Eye contact and that energetic linking with the audience are lost, when the anchor is regularly rotating to the screen to read the slides. How you convey the content is very significant.

Instead of running through 60 slides or more, in 30mins, the extreme should be 10 slides, with less text & use pictures or illustrations wherever possible. If the developers progress the confidence to relate with their listeners, enhance their conveyance skills, reduce & create more fascinating slides and utilize a variety of pictorial aids where appropriate, they take their PowerPoint presentations to a entire new level.

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